December 11, 2019

How do you wow at an awards ceremony for event organisers?

The answer: Transformational venue layout, an imaginative creative concept and innovative use of audio-visual technology. For ICEAWARDS 2019, Blitz delivered in all areas.


The ICE community, founded by Anita Howard, is designed to bring together corporate event professionals from global brands including ITV, KFC and Barclays, giving them an opportunity to network and share experiences and best practices through a programme of events organised throughout the year.  One of these events is the ICEAWARDS, which aims to recognise and reward the efforts of in-house corporate event planners.  

Event organisers gathered for ICEDAY on 11th July 2019 at the Design Museum in London where they heard from speakers who shared a variety of challenges and successes they have experienced during their careers. The keynote speaker was Katherine McCartney, former Producer of TED Conferences. Following on from this, the fifth annual ICEAWARDS ceremony took place, which welcomed entries from all sectors across the globe for 12 categories, including Best Leadership Event, Best CSR Event, Logistical Challenge Event and many more.

The challenge for Blitz was transforming a public venue into a stunning awards ceremony.



For the last three years, Blitz has been the chosen AV partner of the ICEAWARDS. In 2018, the event was held in the same venue, so it was paramount to exceed last year’s efforts in the delivery of creative, AV and production services.

The ongoing challenge for Blitz was crafting a one-of-a-kind experience for an audience of event organisers who happen to create amazing events for a living.  

The Design Museum’s Atrium impressive evening event space spans over three floors, providing an interesting challenge for the team in terms of layout for an awards ceremony. And again, incredibly, Blitz had 90 minutes from the venue closing to the public to the start of the awards ceremony to transform the space.  



Blitz’s inspiration for this year’s event was the Aurora Borealis. Matt Lewis, Graphic Designer, stated: “In line with the ICE theme, we created a detailed arctic scene complete with a gently moving Aroura Borealis effect. This included various elements such as a subtly rotating night sky, occasional shooting stars, an igloo with flickering illumination, subtle use of lightly falling snow to add depth and atmosphere to the scene and a fast-flowing glacial waterfall - an homage to last year’s show. I was very keen to use all the elements in an understated way so as not to distract from the Awards themselves.”

Blitz installed a 15m wide Cyclorama screen suspended from the first-floor balcony which, being the largest screen to ever been installed at the Design Museum, was the centrepiece of this year’s awards ceremony. Blitz also utilised a Barco E2 presentation system to provide superior image quality on screen alongside LED lighting and water-based hazers within the atrium to enhance the atmosphere.

Commenting on the event, Gavin Haughey, Account Director, said: “I’m sure you can appreciate the effort that it takes to turn a museum, open to the public until 6pm, into an awards ceremony just 90 minutes later. Like an extreme make-over and planned to the finest detail, catering, ice sculpture, technical production, venue operations all deployed teams of specialist crew into action to build an amazing evening of awards and fun.”



The Blitz team were able to transform the public auditorium space into an immersive awards ceremony maximising space on all floors to accommodate over 200 guests.

Anita Howard, Founder and Director of ICEAWARDS commented: “The Blitz team genuinely worked in partnership with us to deliver another extraordinary event for an audience who live and breathe corporate events. I truly mean it when I say that without Blitz's creativity, it would not be as impressive.  Thank you for all your support.”

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