Meet the Blitz Team

The Blitz team creates extraordinary projects. Meet the team behind this work as they share their favourite projects.

  • Meet the Blitz Team - Agency1:41

    Meet the Blitz Team - Agency

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  • Aron Ross: Sound and Theatre Director0:59

    Aron Ross: Sound and Theatre Director

    <p>“My role entails managing the sound equipment at Blitz and trying to herd the immense amount of talent we have at Blitz.”</p>

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  • Jason Sorabji: Group Account Director1:01

    Jason Sorabji: Group Account Director

    <p>“I manage a team of project managers and technicians, whilst working with the ExCeL London sales team to secure new business.”</p>

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  • Meet the Blitz Team2:11

    Meet the Blitz Team

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  • Mark Watson: Creative Director1:00

    Mark Watson: Creative Director

    <p>"My role here at Blitz is leading a strong creative team of 2D, 3D, motion graphic and mixed reality creatives across a range of projects all connected to the live space. My favorite aspect is solv

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  • Ali Sumar: Operations Director1:03

    Ali Sumar: Operations Director

    <p>Operations Director Ali Sumar shares his role at Blitz and a few of his inspirations: "I'm looking after Operation across the entire business, including the head office and six venues throughout th

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  • Nick Clark Intro: Lighting Manager1:01

    Nick Clark Intro: Lighting Manager

    <p>"My role is to check the quality of the lighting products as well as looking at purchasing, looking at fleet and working with design on all of the projects we do. We've recently been working on maj

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  • Tom Chaney: Head of Video 1:01

    Tom Chaney: Head of Video

    <p>"The role of the head of video as a whole is to go where needed and work on service development. I enjoy working on the larger projects with technical challenges that need thought on how things are

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  • Natasha Rooney: Project Coordinator for the Set and Staging Department1:01

    Natasha Rooney: Project Coordinator for the Set and Staging Department

    <p>"My role is to maintain stock levels for the bespoke items used for the setting stages. It's great working here at Blitz. We have grown so much we had to move into a new building. One of my favorit

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  • Sam Strudwick: Project Manager1:01

    Sam Strudwick: Project Manager

    <p>"My role is to take the brief from the account director and turn it into reality. We work on some extraordinary projects. My favorite one from last year was Northern Line Extension project, which w

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  • Emma Onuma: Marketing Manager1:00

    Emma Onuma: Marketing Manager

    <p>"I love promoting the great work we do here at Blitz, from hearing about the projects we are working on to the solutions we are delivering for our clients. I'm very proud of our Blitz Connection ev

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  • Ashley Roberts: Business Development Director1:01

    Ashley Roberts: Business Development Director

    <p>Ashley Roberts, Blitz's Business Development Director, works across the business development team and account management team. "I really enjoy working on projects with emerging and developing techn

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