What to look for when choosing your next venue

Selecting the right venue is possibly one of the hardest decisions of the event planning process.

Here are just a few of our top tips to guide you in the right direction in getting the perfect venue for your next event…


Rome wasn’t built in a day – but your event can be


It is one of the most basic points, but also one of the most important – you need to understand from the get-go your build and breakdowns times and essential logistical information.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day – But Your Event Can Be

You might want to create a stage set ready for the Oscars®, but a short build time can hinder your master plans. There also may be additional charges for early access, so you may need to factor these into your budget. And of course, make sure the access is available – the worst thing is last-minute builds and rushing to get ready.


If build time is precious, you’ll need to select suppliers who you can trust that have experience in delivering excellence on tight deadlines.


Your suppliers experience is gold


We highly recommend contacting your preferred suppliers before signing your venue contract. Share your ideas and plans with them.

Your Supplier's Experience is Gold

Experienced events suppliers know venues inside and out and will be able to pre-empt any potential challenges before they arise.


Alternatively, why not use your suppliers experience to help source the right venue? Capitalise on their knowledge and leverage their contacts to help you find the best setting for your event.


Pump up the volume … or not


Pump Up the VolumeWant to create a cinematic sound experience, or use live music to enhance the event experience?  You’ll need to check if there is a noise limiter. Venues have on average a noise limit of 90 decibels (for comparison, a violin playing is approximately 85 decibels) and this is not just limited to those who host events in cities.

It’s definitely a crucial point, but so long as the question is asked you will know if a) the venue is suitable and b) if you can work your show or event around the restrictions.


Access for all


As event organisers, we know you want to make sure your event is accessible for all your attendees.

In a recent interview with Conference News, Lizzy Eaton founder and director of Oddity Events, said that “an exhibition organiser has a duty to ensure that from start to finish, the event is accessible, not just for those with physical disabilities, but neurodiverse differences too.”


Whilst the argument to whether this responsibility is with the venue or the organiser, it is important to find a venue that suits the needs for all your attendees and who works in partnership with you to achieve the most accessible event possible.


Love thy neighbour


Depending on the size of your event, it may be you will be only using a small part of the venue. If the venue is not exclusively yours, it is important to know what type of events are running at the same time and who their audiences are.


Knowing this in advance means you avoid troubles on the day such as noise, excessive queues and congestion around the catering areas.


Always ask for a schedule of other events activities – you are paying for the service, so it’s within your rights to know. Try to think about clashes with centralised services such as cloakrooms and accessibility points for your suppliers.


Also, if you book complementary events, by liaising with your fellow organisers before the event starts, you stand to benefit from attendee crossover.


Want more advice? Partner with the right team.


Work with a team with experience in both events and the venues you frequent. If you’re organising an event, get in touch with your AV partner from the beginning of the project so they can share their experience with you to help you to achieve fantastic results.


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